“Once you have been practicing for a period of time, it is almost inconceivable that you ever could have managed without it in your life—it is that powerful, and also that subtle because at the same time it doesn’t seem like any kind of ‘big deal.’ Mindfulness is both nothing special and incredibly special, totally ordinary and completely extraordinary, all at the same time.”

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

What is Mindfulness?

Paying attention on purpose - developing your Awareness as your SUPER POWER for focus, clarity and longevity. 

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Mastering Mindfulness Sets You UP for Optimum Performance, Flow, and Well-Being in Every Aspect of Your Life!

The importance of mindfulness - is becoming aware of yourself without reacting or judging and staying in the moment with curiosity and kindness.

In its simplest form, Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose and developing habits of awareness so you can use this as your SUPERPOWER for focus, clarity, and calming your nervous system - each of these things helps you live a longer and fuller life.  

When you’re feeling the weight of the world, burn-out, stress, anxiety, poor sleep, perfectionism, and wanting to reach your goals without maxing yourself out or getting sick, it’s a challenge to be mindful. Most people, and I bet you can relate, feel so busy and as if you don’t have enough time to do what you need to do. 

This is exactly when you need to get curious about slowing down, breathing, and learning how to master "paying attention on purpose" and create a daily meditation routine that suits your unique lifestyle.   

Ease in Motion offers an 8-week Mindfulness Course (mPEAK) to help you be fully present in life and master the benefits of mindfulness. 

mPEAK (Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge) will benefit you when you are committed to improving your performance in relationships, work, or sport.  Whether you’re a parent, college student, athlete, in a position of high stress, or recently retired, this will change the way you approach stress and suffering in your life and give you simple life-changing tools to positively impact your life. 

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