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mPEAK 8 Week Mindfulness

Paying attention on purpose - developing personal Awareness as your Superpower.

Mindfulness for Focus, Stress Reduction, and Longevity.

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Somatic Brain-based Movement classes feel gentle and relaxing. Each of the explorations of movement and breath help you gain coordination, strength, balance and flexibility, so that you move more freely over time and with repetition (this is how the brain learns).  


Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip Workshop

Strong feet, strong foundation:  Improve balance and flexibility by moving well in your lower extremities.  Don’t be surprised if the rest of your body feels fantastic after this workshop! 

Small Movements, Big Results 

It’s time to give back to YOU. Ease In Motion with Pam Kamoku is here to provide relief when you are stressed, feeling tension, sore, experiencing burnout, or sleeplessness. 

Ease in Motion is the perfect choice when you’re ready to heal your injury, illness, or chronic condition, or you're feeling overwhelmed by a new job, being a caregiver or navigating a new diagnosis that requires a new way of being.

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Breath & Mindfulness

The solution to almost any challenge you face regarding your health, mobility, and wellness can be found by mastering and remapping your movement patterns, learning breathing techniques, and paying attention on purpose, with curiosity.

  • Embody movement, breath, and mindfulness
  • Decrease stress
  • Rebuild muscle strength and flexibility
  • Create personal practices that will fortify your overall wellbeing with greater ease
  • Learn simple Lymphatic drainage exercises to address the system in your body that is directly assisted by diaphragmatic breathing and human movement

Everything you do, every time you move, every time you breathe, and every thought you think starts from the brain. The brain is your boss. All movement patterns, breathing habits, and mindfulness practices, along with the functional ways that we live our lives are learned habits of the brain.

The only way to improve learned patterns, especially if they are affecting you in a negative way, is to re-teach the brain.

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Heal Your Body from the Inside, Out

When you are ready to tap into the healing power of your body, and experience wellness and peace, I’m ready to help you with techniques to improve your overall well being, relieve stress
, and become more aware of your behaviors and patterns to help ease suffering and amplify peace of mind.

Backed by extensive training and hands-on experience, I want to share with you the things that they didn't teach us in school and help you discover that by increasing your internal awareness, finding ease in movement, and discovering breathing exercises based on your current health experience, you will have a positive and lasting impact on all parts of your life. 

My goal is to help you, and as many people as I possibly can, feel more awesome than you currently do by improving the quality of your life. This is my way of supporting and elevating your purpose here on earth.

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Clinical Somatic Education and Brain-centered Movement training engages the nervous system using an active learning process to support the relaxation of muscles and ease your pain.

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The importance of breathing cannot be understated because breathing is fuel for the brain.  This is why it’s important to normalize your breathing volume using specific techniques.

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The importance of mindfulness - is becoming aware of yourself without reacting or judging and staying in the moment with curiosity and kindness, and staying fully present.

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Love Letters from Happy Clients

Our clients are the center of our business. There's no better feeling than seeing the smile on their faces when we've co-created a movement and mindfulness practice together that fosters breathing and deep healing. Scroll to see some of our client stories, gratitudes, and photos.


“My biggest aha was how connected my hips and spine are and that these small movements are helping each of those areas let go naturally, without having to stretch. For the first time in a very long time, I have had NO PAIN and it feels so good!”


"I feel so PAM-pered after your class, well taken care of, less stressed, more resilient and freer from the pain I came in with.   After class today, my whole upper body felt very supported and aligned.  I don’t think I’ve ever had that sensation before and I know after my mastectomy and implants operation, my pec minor muscles feel very tight and pulled in all the time & that session really helped me feel so much better.  Thank you very much."


"Thank you for the brain training today!! My body feels amazing. My knee feels much better after the wall stand thing we did. I did it after class & I was so balanced. You do amazing work!!  All the muscle tension in my neck and chest just vanished.  It feels effortless to move now."


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