Meet Pam

Pamela Kamoku is a compassionate, open-hearted, integrative Clinical Somatic Movement Educator, Brain-Centered Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Certified Mindfulness Coach.

She specializes in somatic brain-based movement education, functional breathing techniques, and mindfulness principles to help decrease perceived stress and restore wellbeing.

Combining years of study with practical easy-to-use tools, Pam guides focused neuromuscular movements, re-learning to breathe, and pausing with awareness to support students in a vital reset that decreases physical pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and other chronic conditions.

My mission is to educate and empower you with lifelong resources to reclaim your health, self manage pain-prevention, and decrease anxiety while increasing your resilience."   

Awareness is key

Pam skillfully helps clients reclaim their awareness of movement and breath (by becoming more mindful and curious) even when they believe they are  “too tight,” “too old”, “too injured’, or “too out of shape” to ever get better. 

Many of her clients were once concerned they would injure themselves or make things worse if they went to a regular gym or yoga class. With Pam’s gently paced, healing-based individualized sessions and somatic classes, they learned to consciously tap into how their bodies were meant to move and so can you.

Pam serves as your guide and facilitator,  gently unwinding the tension and stress created from years of habitual movement patterns and breathing habits; empowering you to feel better as you age.

Relieve Chronic Pain


Restore Balance & Coordination



Inner Calm



Care for Yourself

Somatics helps clients build confidence, renew a sense of self, and reclaim personal empowerment by learning to move more freely, with less restriction. Pam guides you to re-map and re-learn forgotten brain-centered movements regardless of your fitness level. This includes athletes and people recovering from serious illness, or chronic physical conditions. 

Pam has personally experienced this progress and knows first-hand what it’s like to heal mentally and physically after being in pain. Years of chronic injuries led her to her current profession.  Pam has a special interest in stroke recovery and continues to be amazed at how the brain heals itself through re-learning movement patterns, conscious breathing and being in the moment - "**neuroplasticity is alive and well in our hale". 

Supporting and educating others toward better health is Pam’s life calling and professional passion. There is no 'one formula’ that works for all. Pam offers individual sessions, group training, workshops and custom programs for corporations and organizations.  Her approach supports your unique journey. Pam is dedicated to sharing the aloha she has received and paying it forward to help you thrive in all areas of your life. 

To start your personal journey, accept Pam’s special downloadable booklet  Movement, Breath, and Mindfulness - The Three Keys to Wellbeing or contact her to schedule an appointment.


**Neuroplasticity:  the brains ability to learn and grow at any stage. 

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Pam’s Credentials 

  • Certified Clinical Somatic Educator & Practitioner; completed 3-year certification in Clinical Somatic Movement Education (CCSE) specializing in neuromuscular re-training & remapping movement patterns;  Somatics System Institute
  • Certified Functional Breathing Coach + Buteyko Breathing Method (Buteyko Clinic International, Patrick McKeown) & Peak Flow Level 2 Instructor
  • Certified Z Health Trainer (Brain-Centered Movement Training) R-Phase and I-Phase, Strength, Balance, Vision, Breath Training
  • Certified Mindfulness Coach mPEAK (UC San Diego Center For Mindfulness) Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness and Knowledge.
  • Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE-CPT) and Brain Health Trainer (Functional Aging Institute)
  • Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 500)
  • Trained in Treating the Jaw & Neck: Trager Fundamentals and Resistance and Release Work (with Deane Juhan)
  • Certified Mindfulness in Schools Project Teacher (MiSP) & Yoga Ed for Kids/Teens, Young Adults, Parents, and Teachers 
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